Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Testing

Eterna Health Food Store now offers Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Your hair contains all the minerals present in your body, including nutritional minerals as well as toxic heavy metals.

Hair mineral analysis is a laboratory test that measures this mineral content in the hair. In most cases, the test results reflect how much of these elements are in your tissues and provide a vivid picture of your internal environment. Blood tests give information about your mineral levels at the time of the test only.

On the other hand, hair analysis results indicate your overall levels- your actual storage levels over a period of time, not just what you ate that day or even that week. Urine testing measures the minerals that are being excreted from the body, not necessarily what has been absorbed as fuel for your body. So blood and urine tests are like snapshots whereas a hair analysis is the video of your mineral retention.

With this information, a world of metabolic events can be interpreted. Not only can your nutritional status be viewed, but you can also learn much about how efficiently your body is working and help you achieve better health. Call or come by and ask for the details on how you can get your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.