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Zen Sleep – 30 Organic Vegetarian Capsules



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NON-ADDICTIVE – even low amounts of melatonin will turnoff the pineal gland’s ability to secrete the ‘sleep’ hormone. Our natural sleep aid will help sleep without introducing hormones that will interfere without our own systems and creating an addiction to the product.

ADRENAL SUPPORT – Specific adaptogenic herbs to support and reduce adrenal fatigue.

POTENT FORM of Mg – careful attention is given to avoid low absorbing raw materials. Like choosing our magnesium glycinate, which is the highest of the 10+ magnesium forms for absorption. Additionally, the glycinate acts to calm the mind.

ENDORSED BY HEALTH PRACTITIONERS – Zen Sleep is the first choice for many naturopaths and functional practitioners and often used by the very same health practitioners for their own sleep needs.

MADE WITH CERTIFIED ORGANIC HERBS – All herbs are organic certified. This is important as pesticides and GMOs negatively influence the endocrine system impacting tension.